Flagstaff Kestrel Project - Integrating Community into Conservation

The Flagstaff Kestrel Project (FKP) is integrating community into conservation. Driven by scientific inquiry, FKP seeks to understand the best practices for engaging laypeople into conservation work while concurrently creating a long-term monitoring program for American kestrels in Northern Arizona. This research will have wide ranging implications for other communities that wish to become involved in conservation efforts. FKP is working to create and strengthen community, contribute to scientific research, furnish participants with experience in field biology, and create nesting habitat for a threatened species of falcon.

FKP will organize teams of volunteers to build, install, and monitor nesting boxes for American kestrels (link to About American kestrels page). During this process, we will survey participants before and after involvement with FKP to determine how their attitudes may have changed about ecology and conservation.

FKP seeks to:
• Build community around conservation
• Understand how to integrate laypeople and communities into conservation work
• Create nesting habitat for American kestrels
• Provide young people and community members with experiences in field biology
• Educate the local community about kestrel conservation, grassland ecology, and more

Check out this infographic for information about kestrel conservation in Northern Arizona.


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